The Pombagira deity, which comes from the Angolan-Congolese tradition, manifests the spirit of rebellion emanating from New World’s endless roads. Being one of the most distinct elements of the entity’s incorporation into African-based religions, the laughter of Pombagira - debauched, scandalous, and depraved - displaces the center of power and challenges cis-hetero patriarchal conceptions of femininity.

Continuing the investigation on Translation as an anti-colonial aesthetic strategy (started in Fictions & Falsities) at this performative encounter, I presented an English version of a Brazilian text about the entity.

By manipulating objects and entering the frequency of listening to sung points for the Pombagiras, participants engaged in conversation. A collective groping on the performative power of mockery and ridicule in its vital functions of disrupting the economic, social, and sexual and gender powers prevailing on racial capitalism.

Laughing at Power: Pombagira Enchanting Feminine Experiences
Participative proposition for WYFY Summer School BUFU collective 
Brooklyn, USA. 2019