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catalunya  oct - dec

  2014                                                                    gesture        

1- For 42 days, 24 hours a day, I performed the character Nicole Melo, developing, moreover, artwork which authorship will be attributed to this alter ego. 

2- The personal data and personality traits were initially defined through different websites that generate, randomly, false identities, behaviour analysis through astrological charts and artist biographies. 

3- The personification of the character happens through a process that starts yet in Brazil. The following changes will be made in appearance: hair color and haircut, wearing glasses, weight, changes in the face shape using techniques of self makeup, and changes in calligraphy. 

4- All personal belongings of the character (clothes, accessories, notebooks) will be acquired during the residency. The staying in the Studio, walking around the city and talking to people will be systematically recorded during the maximum time possible - by photo cameras, video cameras, audio recorder, annotations and drawings from observation. From this material, the result of the interaction with others, new gestures and new patterns of behaviour will be studied and extracted. The character enriches as her interaction becomes more extensive. 

5- Narratives and biographical elements will be created. Nicole’s diaries, containing record of her personal experiences, an inventory of objects found or acquired, her sketchbooks of the work process, artwork produced, texts, images and videos with details of the character formation will be part of Nicole Melo's life archive. 

[…] Me es extraño escribir Luisa, e inmediatamente surge de manera automática para llenar el desconcierto/ desconocimiento la figura de Nicole…Comenzaré con las notas de mi libreta: Un nuevo tono al dirigirse, su voz se desahogo, y ahora hay un nuevo timbre más dulce que el que tenia en su acento innato de portuguesa. Nosotras también tenemos un nuevo tono para dirigirnos. Luisa emplea nuevas palabras. Nicole sigue siendo Luisa. Luisa sigue siendo Nicole. La voz le ha cambiando (Nuestros tonos se alteran). También la mirada (Nuestras miradas también) Aún no podemos llamarla Luisa, (¿La podremos llamar Luisa). Es Luisa pero robo la ropa de Nicole. La mirada de Luisa nos juzgaba mientras que Nicole nos veía. La miro con extrañamiento, esperando el gesto conocido, la actitud, actitud que ya no está…Luisa siempre será Nicole y Nicole siempre será Luisa. […]

Gabriela Galván - Janeiro de 2015